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Now What? Plan B(e) and the Three Main Bones of a Christian


Hebrews 11:1 and 2 Cor. 6:2  are the key verses in this message.  Steve will explain how to be transformed, be still, and be weak while doing triage on the three main bones.

When God Says No or Wait, He Never Leaves You or Forsakes You


Steve uses his personal testimony of how God said no to his prayer of having a life saving operation.  He didn't know at the time, God's "no" was life saving in itself.

The Cords of the Cross


Steve uses a very visual aid in showing more than nails held Jesus on the cross for us.  We, as Christians, in order to "crucify ourselves daily" should use the same cords Christ did.

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  • Resolving Grief
  • Faith
  • Intra/Inter Personal Communication
  • Crisis
  • Conflict Resolution 
  • Co-Dependency

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  • Associate Pastor at Hilltop Baptist Church, Alto, Texas
  • 18 Years public speaking
  • 21 First place speaking awards at national competitions
  • 2 Time national debate champion
  • Continuing education for nurses, social workers and others
  • Steve's TEDx Talk


Exciting Extracurriculars

We offer a Saturday "Fire Starter" to churches.  It is about an hour of testimony and scripture about God's healing power and increasing your faith. Contact for information about this.     A powerful supplement  to your services already in place. Plus seminars on resolving grief and crisis resolution. 


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